Resume Academy is the starting point for your thriving Resume Writing business.

Check out these recent graduates:

“I did Resume Academy with Vicki and it was an excellent experience. She taught me so much and I felt supported by her the whole time. Vicki is a great teacher and very helpful with anything you ask of her.”

Beth - The Savvy BlossomBeth - The Savvy Blossom

“I did the Resume Academy with Vicki Clothier, and Vicki was an absolutely fantastic teacher. The course had everything that I needed to successfully launch my new business. Vicki is very knowledgable on the topic and very easy to learn from. I can't thank her enough.”

Cortney - On Point ResumesCortney - On Point Resumes

Resume Writing is a fantastic work-from-home opportunity that can provide the ultimate work-life balance.

Is Resume Writing for you?

  • You will pick up Resume Writing if you have administrative or customer service skills (or both!) that you want to use in your own small business
  • You know your way around Microsoft Word and enjoy working on your computer/laptop
  • You're really good with the written word, spelling and grammar, and have an excellent grasp on the English language
  • You are ready to ditch the 9-5 life and embrace the wherever, whenever-you-want work life
  • You are considering a 'side business' but MLM is not for you
  • You are ready to learn the art of Resume Writing, and help people achieve their career goals
  • You are ready to have something of your own, your own business, your own logo, your own processes and procedures (don't let this put you off, I will teach you how to make this easy!)
  • You would love to join a group of like-minded people to start your business journey

I have been running my resume writing business for the past four years and it has given me so many opportunities to connect and work with wonderful people both locally and nationally through the wonders of the internet.

The demand for resume writers is on the rise. 

Resume services are not only for people who are not having success with their current resume - you could be looking after a specific niche or industry, the time poor amongst us, or people who just hate doing it for themselves!

And yes, there is potential to make money. A lot of money. In 2-3 hours a week, whilst working around my full time corporate career, my three children and shift-working husband, I was making $250-$450.  And, I was turning clients away because I couldn't fit them in - I was at capacity. It was a really successful side business - one that allowed me to "have it all".

And when it came time to take the "big leap", it was easy for me to scale my business up to $1000+ a week to support my growing family. It's been a hell of a journey - one that I'm excited to share with you all the knowledge and insight I have gathered during this time.

I will show you exactly how and what I do in my business so that you can have success from the start in your own. 

From Week 1 you have the potential to run your business. We will not only talk about HOW to actually WRITE amazing resumes, we will also talk about starting up, branding, marketing platforms, building and growing your business so that you can start making an income and an impact from the start of your journey.

So this is all sounding great, but you may be like I was in the beginning, and you're feeling all the fears.

What if people laugh at my new venture?

What if I'm not good at this?

What if I don't make any money?

I'm here to ask you: What if you do?

You could have the work-life balance you want and need.

You could be a Mum who doesn't want to go back to the 9-5 world after having your baby. You don't want to pay huge money for someone else to look after your child. You want to be there. You want to find a way to earn money AND be there for your child.

You could be craving the flexibility of being a business owner - recognising that being in control of WHEN and HOW you work is going to benefit your family/work balance in an amazing way.

You could be someone who has tried MLM but had no success or hated the sales tactics.

Or, like me, you could be already working and looking for something to supplement your income - something that will give your family more financial freedom - it could be a family holiday, a new car, a new home. 

I needed a "bit of all of the above" and boy did my resume writing business deliver.
It has honestly been the best move of my life.

I promise this is a solution to all the above.

I'm not saying it will be easy - I'm not saying that hitting "enrol" will give you anything unless you are willing and ready to put in the work. I can tell you that it is possible, it gives you options and it will empower you to be more confident in yourself too. Business is just as much a personal development journey as it is a business journey. 

I'm here to show you how I did it, and how you can do it as well. You, like so many graduates before you, could be running your business in the next four weeks. 

Let's do this.

Your Instructor

  • Vicki Clothier

    Vicki Clothier

    Resume Writer & Business Teacher

    I am the founder of Resume Writers Australia with one simple mission: To set, and raise, the standards for resume writing in Australia. I do this through supporting, mentoring, educating and certifying resume writers to do their BEST work and create their dream business. My resume writing business started as Clothier Careers - where I helped people step into their next role with confidence. Now, I am able to mentor and guide resume writers around Australia to start and run their own thriving business doing the same.

4 weeks to running your own Resume Writing business.

So, what will I learn?

  • Week 1: Set Up Your Biz

    Week 1: I'm going to walk you through the same business set up I used to create my successful biz, Clothier Careers. This includes networking platforms (ie Facebook, Websites) and naming your biz! You can be operating your business from Week 1.

  • Week 2: Resume Writing

    Week 2 is when we get into the details of how to write amazing resumes for your clientele. I will show you my steps to achieving this.

  • Week 3: Growing your business

    Week 3 is when you will learn how to get clients and finding your preferred marketing strategy. We will also talk about services you can offer and pricing.

  • Week 4: Running your Biz

    Week 4 is about managing your business and implementing strategies to work efficiently and around your other life commitments.

Your investment

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